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Changed Forever

A Christian Gap Year in South Africa, Pretoria. The motto of Year of Your Life (YOYL) is "Changed Forever".  Over the past 30 years YOYL has seen more than 1500 students, from over 27 nations, and 81 people groups experience this change. We believe this is because the Holy Spirit is specifically using this ministry to change lives and make them significantly better for His glory.

Shared Journey

The shared journey that all YOYL students go on creates an environment where deep, lifelong friendships are formed. To know and be truly known is a value that creates connection that is rare and crosses the social barriers of gender, class and race.

Share God's Kingdom

Reaching out is one of the core values of YOYL. Students spend time in the year travelling nationally and internationally to bring about God’s Kingdom. Since its inception, YOYL students collectively travelled more than 2.5 million kilometres! The experiences of diverse people and places encountered on outreach is uniquely transformative for the students.

Individual Focus

Classes are given on "Purpose and Potential” as well as how to write a personal mission statement. This is followed by an individual career aptitude test with one-on-one feedback by a trained facilitator to interpret the test results. Four key assessment areas are covered, namely: 

  • Personality

  • Interests

  • Skills

  • Values


The combined results of these four areas will then show the student which work environment they are best suited for.

Connect with God

YOYL is like a greenhouse for your relationship with God. The conditions are perfectly suited for growing closer to Him. Life’s adverse weather conditions which often bump us off centre are removed for a season, to allow you to connect with God in the way you were originally designed to.

This Gap Year will challenge the way you think about God, yourself, others and the world around you. Prepare yourself to be taken to a deeper level of Christian and cultural engagement as you develop in the calling that God has for your life.

Challenge Yourself