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Our modules run from the beginning of the year right through

Year of Your Life curriculum is run by new and interesting modules. These modules allow anyone to join in and learn and grow without the commitment of a full year plan.

Year of your life has chosen to implement our Modules to make the program accessible to more young people, hoping to make a greater impact.

These modules are ideal for those starting varsity or college from March, or later in the year. 



  • Biblical foundation

  • Knowing God

  • Developing a personal relationship with God.

  • Personal restoration.

This module is focused on Biblical foundations & methods of interpreting the Bible accurately. During this module you will have the opportunity to grow closer to God in various means and receive an opportunity to commence your personal journey to restoration along with qualified Christian Counsellors. You will be presented with theologians who studied the Bible deeply alongside other well-known theologians. This presents each student the opportunity to ask lingering questions about the Bible, God, Holy Spirit, and Christianity.

03 FEBRUARY - 05 APRIL 2024
  • Fun & exciting.

  • Practical experience.

  • Career guidance.

Our Christian Living Module focuses on growing and expanding our students’ academic aptitudes by exposing them to tertiary study opportunities and career guidance.


Students will complete the Wholeness Course presented by Edify, which will assist students in seeking deeper into their hearts and looking forward to healing, and restoration in our Heavenly Father and gain an even deeper understanding of why they feel certain emotions and have formed certain habits.


Each student will complete a career guidance assessment and will receive feedback from our accredited Career Direct™ consultants. The feedback provides the student with guidance and clarity on who they are, highlighting their natural strengths and abilities and areas and interests which they could explore regarding further studies, or as a career.

29 APRIL - 28 JUNE 2024
22 JULY - 20 SEPTEMBER 2024
  • Social & relational skills development.

  • Biblical foundation.

  • Resilience.

In this module, we to grow your academical competencies and walk alongside you for assistance. This module also focuses on building resilience within each student, to grow their social and relational skills, and give them insight on how to do relationships in a Godly and healthy manner. We lend a hand to students by introducing Biblical Foundation to them and present them with the opportunity to ask theologians on how to read the Bible, about God, Holy Spirit, and Christ.

  • International outreach/travelling.

  • Leadership development.

  • Personality & career evaluation.

  • Career Direct (New students)


This module is focused on preparing the individual for the year that is ahead of them. This is the perfect opportunity to create momentum that will inspire you to move forward. There is intentional development focused on stepping into your calling and how to conduct yourself in the professional workforce. The core of this module is cantered around exposing you to the opportunities in the world and different manners that you can apply yourself.

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