Year of Your Life (YOYL) is a one-year, full-time Christian Gap Year that focuses on preparing you for life. The course combines discovering biblical truths and practical experience to facilitate a year never to be forgotten. The year revolves around relating to God, personal restoration and growth, relating to others and outreach, finding your purpose, career guidance and computer training.

Dates and fees

Provisional Dates (3 Intakes a Year)

Year of Your Life 2020 - January intake

Term 1:  25 January to 22 March 2020

Term 2:  15 April to 21 June 2020

Term 3:  15 July to 20 September 2020

Term 4:   7 October to 23 November 2020

Year of Your Life 2020/2021 - April intake

Term 1:  15 April to 21 June 2020

Term 2:  22 July to 22 September 2020

Term 3:  9 October to 25 November 2020

Term 4:  26 January to 22 March 2021


Year of Your Life 2020/2021 - July intake

Term 1:  22 July to 22 September 2020

Term 2:  9 October to 25 November 2020

Term 3:  26 January to 22 March 2021

Term 4:  15 April to 21 June 2021

Year of Your Life 2020 Provisional Fees


Tuition:  R37 195

Boarding:  R37 705

Total per year:  R74 900

ALL Outreaches are sponsored by the Missions Fund of Hatfield Christian Church and are not included in the student fees for the year.

Year of Your Life Fees can be paid on a monthly or termly basis. Contact us for payment options.

30-Year Legacy

Does the course fee include accommodation? 

Yes, fully furnished student housing with free WiFi, situated on the church property, are available specifically for students enrolled in the programme.


What portion of the year is dedicated to missions?

As part of the programme, students will be involved in the following initiatives:

  • Weekly involvement in local community projects

  • Weekend outreaches within South Africa

  • Three-week outreaches accross South Africa and neighbouring countries


Does the course fee include food?

Yes, three meals a day, seven days a week. 

Monday to Friday:  Three prepared meals per day.

Weekends: "Open Cupboard" where food is provided and students prepare their own meals as required. 


What does it not include?

Towels, bedding, washing basket, washing powder and pegs.


When are applications open?

Applications for YOYL 2020 are now open. Apply as soon as possible, especially for students coming from abroad. Remember that for January applications, the year starts on 25 January 2020.

Is it possible to redo or better my Science & Maths while doing YOYL?

Yes, YOYL has a formal connection with Hatfield Christian Online School which allows our students to redo or better their Matric Science & Maths while completing the year. Top quality tutors are available online as well as on campus.

(tutoring fees are an additional cost to the YOYL fees)

Is YOYL accredited?

Yes, students who complete the course are awarded 60 credits when entering the Higher Certificate in Christian Life (HCCL) or the BTh programmes at the South African Theological Seminary (SATS).

Is it possible to work while doing YOYL?

Yes, students are given the flexibility to work while completing the course in order to help raise funds for tuition.

If I am living in Pretoria or Johannesburg am I able to stay at home while doing YOYL?

Yes, students who opt to stay at home only need to pay for tuition and can save on the accommodation costs.

Student life

YOYL students stay in the vibrant Hatfield Community village with Christians from all over the world. The day-to-day interactions are filled with fun and laughter as well as a depth of relationship that comes from a shared vision and faith.

Dynamic classes

Classes are presented at Hatfield Christian Church from Mondays to Thursdays in the mornings and some afternoons. A wide range of life-changing topics are covered. These include:

  • Practical skills

  • Romantic relationships

  • How to read the Bible

  • Hearing God's voice

  • God's perspective on life


In the second term of the year students choose one of four tracks, learning both practical skills and theory in:

  • Music and worship

  • Leadership

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Study skills

Classes are presented by various lecturers to give students a wide spectrum of knowledge as well as the opportunity to learn from and engage with people from all walks of life.