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Over the past 30 years YOYL has seen more than 1500 students, from over 27 nations, and 81 people groups experience this change. The shared journey that all YOYL students go on creates an environment where deep, lifelong friendships are formed.



This year I learnt a lot about myself, became more confident in myself.  God has shown me who I really am.  It’s been a fantastic year and I do not regret it at all.

Young Wan

South Korea

Honesty has been the motto of my life, and was something that I learnt from my Father. I used to be a very proud person, and used it as a way of fighting with the world, thinking that I was just being honest. But through this year I realised I was pretending, especially towards myself and God. Now I am thinking differently, and this year has changed my life for the better.



Before YOYL I was a very broken and sad person inside. I felt useless and uncertain of which direction I was going in life. I thank God for YOYL and for what it has done in my life. I have learnt that my life is not my own but the Lord’s. “The best person you can be, is the person God made you to be.”


South Africa

YOYL has been the highlight of my life thus far. It has allowed me to meet a plethora of amazing people and to spread God’s goodness to those in need. Best of all I feel like my faith has skyrocketed to unprecedented levels allowing me to grasp just a little bit more of the infinity that He is.


South Africa

This year was essential to me in establishing who and what I want to become in the future. The transformation that took place in my life is unimaginable. I was able to create a platform to live abundantly which I wouldn't have achieved without God through YOYL.



Relating with others has helped me grow spiritually and has strengthened me. I have also learnt to accommodate and accept different people with different characteristics and behaviour. Moreover, I have met best friends who understand and love me just as I am. I thank God.

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South Africa

YOYL has truly been a year of change. After years of pretending and hiding I learnt my true identity. I didn't know what love really was. I would categorise love and separate all forms. This year I came to know the greatest love of all: my heavenly Father’s. Knowing His love enabled me to love Him, love myself and love others.



This has been the year of my life that God has truly showed Himself to me through other people. I remember before coming to YOYL staring at myself in the mirror and not liking the person that stared back and now I am leaving YOYL and I’m loving every part of the  person staring back at me.


South Africa

My year of YOYL has been a wonderful one. Being in a multicultural environment was a highlight, knowing that so many different young people have come to go deeper with the Lord and knowing that He loves all of us unconditionally . And friendships ... those I know are going to last a lifetime.


South Africa

YOYL has been a year of continual growth. A year where there are no limits to what the Lord will do. I leave as someone who is a lot more whole, one who isn’t broken and closed off. Someone who is willing to love no matter how difficult.  Someone who will not run away from life’s challenges no matter the situation. God has revealed a small fraction of who He is, and because of this I cannot, will not walk away. God is always there, because of that I will always push on. YOYL changed my life. these two years that have passed are years I will never regret and I am truly grateful for YOYL. I leave forever changed.


South Africa

Looking back at the year, words aren't able to describe all that He has done - He has challenged me beyond my comfort zone, shown me that worship is far more than a song. He has given me a million memories that will last for eternity. He has shown me His overflowing, devoted love in abundance here... and His Spirit has literally made me come alive.


South Africa

This has been a year of change and growth. God has changed my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have had to be discipled by great leaders. I can truly say that God has become more real to me this year.

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