Year of Your Life outreaches are a highlight every year.

Students get divided into six teams and sent accross Southern Africa to minister God's love to various groups of people; from churches and youth groups, to schools, orphanages and hospitals.


Each team goes on two weekend outreaches and one three week outreach:


Weekend outreaches are 3/4 days long and students travel to towns and cities throughout South Africa. Usually teaming up with a local TCN church, students take part in open-air ministry, visit youth groups and schools, hospitals and orphanages and are often involved in the local church's Sunday services.


During three-week outreach, teams are sent to one of South Africa's neighbouring countries, and given the opportunity to not only minister to communities there, but also see more of what Southern Africa has to offer.


Have a look at our outreach gallery for an idea of what the teams get up to.